Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy beer to go?

Yes, you can buy bottled beer to go. We carry Last Name’s Pomona Queen bottled beer specifically for our take-out customers.

Do you have a corkage fee?

Yes, $10 for 750mL of bottle of wine, max two bottles.

Do you deliver?

We personally do not deliver, however we started using GrubHub for a delivery service.

What gluten-free menu items are there?

We carry Mrs. Brickel’s gluten-free 11” crust. However, we make our dough daily, so our kitchen is not gluten-free, but we will be happy to make a pizza on this gluten-free crust. Also our wings and smoked salmon are gluten-free.

Is our dough made fresh daily?

Yes, we make our dough every morning.

What vegan menu items are there?

We just started making a personal vegan pizza with a vegan pizza sauce and daiya mozzarella. We carry Beyond Meat sausage to add as a topping. Our Gorgonzola and Greek salads without cheese are vegan.

Can I split a pizza into halves?

Depends. Specialty pizzas and One Size Only pizzas are only made whole; however you can split a create your own pizza in half. Halves are the only splitting we will do, thirds and quarters are too complicated for us! Sorry!

How many people does your private rooms seat?

We have two private rooms. “Backroom:” Twelve people fit perfectly. There is a supporting wall that divides the room, so it can accommodate up to 16 people, but seating is slightly awkward. “Sideroom:” Thirty-two people. This room has its own sound system and a TV that is connected to Direct TV and Apple TV. Both rooms have a minimum food and beverage purchase to book.

Are there any other locations?

No, and no future plans to have any other. One is enough for our family!

Didn’t you use to be that little pizza shop?

Yes! We use to be a small eight table restaurant occupying a small section of the east side of the building. In 2002 we expanded into the entire down stairs of the building. It’s still the same owners and same delicious food plus more menu items and more beers on tap!

Do you have specials?

We do send out emails twice a month offering discounts and coupons. Join our email list to receive these coupons and specials. We have a daily beer special. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to know about specials we offer on a weekly basis. @pizzansuch

Do you have 100% wheat crust?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Do you have fat-free dressings?

No, we don’t, but the oil and vinegar Italian and our balsamic vinaigrette are low in fat.

Is the ceiling original?

Yes, it’s a plaster molding from 1912 that we restored in 2002. When we expanded the restaurant and removed the lowered faux ceilings, we found it underneath! It’s crazy that the previous tenants would cover up such amazing architecture.

Do we take reservations?

Yes; however you don’t really need reservations unless your party is 6 or more. Please see the reservation page.

Can we bring in a cake for a birthday?

We ask you to try our desserts first! Susan makes an awesome New York style cheesecake and we serve only Dr. Bob’s Handcrafted ice cream! The brownie sundae is too good to pass up. However, if you want to bring in a special dessert for your party we do have a “cakeage” fee for $1.50 per person. If you bring in your own plates, forks, candles and napkins we gladly waive the fee.

Can I buy a Pizza N’ Such shirt?

Yes, we do sell them to customers!

Where did the pizza man logo come from?

He came around about 1982. Local Claremont design artist found him for us. And no, he isn’t supposed to be Mike. In 2015, artist Bob Motown designed our Happy Cat pizza t-shirt.

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